ZeroSync Demo


Bitcoin Chain Verifier

This is a simple demo of the ZeroSync chain state proof. It runs the Giza STARK verifier in WebAssembly to verify a proof of the Bitcoin chain in your browser.

🚧 This proof is work in progress. The demo is a lot of "fake it till you make it". So far, we've generated proofs only for the first few thousand blocks. Also this website currently validates just a block and fakes the validation of the previous chain. We're still working on proof recursion for the Giza prover. Recursion is about validating a STARK in a STARK. This allows us to incrementally extend the previous chain proof with a next block proof. For more details check out our project roadmap. Or follow us on Twitter to get notified about updates on making the vision of ZeroSync a reality.

Click here to verify the Bitcoin chain state: